2021 NCVA Board Election & 2020 Contributor of the Year

A couple of our usual year-end housekeeping activities to take care of:

  1. Contributor(s) of the year voting
  2. Election of NCVA Board members for next year


Send your nomination for 2020 COTY to our election coordinator, James Schek (vote@hellyervelodrome.com), so we can publicize them and have a run-off. Please include a sentence or two about why you’re nominating the person(s) and submit by Dec 7th.

Despite it being a year with no racing there were a number of upkeep and improvement projects performed at the track this year.

Fall Projects Update
Spring Projects Update
Past COTY winners


If you’d like to be a Board member for 2021, please send your candidate statement to James (vote@hellyervelodrome.com). As an example, these are last year’s candidate statements. Submit your candidate statement by Dec 7th.

All of those projects in the previous section as well as regular track operations (sessions, races, special events) are coordinated by the NCVA Board. For details of the Board’s function you can visit the NCVA Board’s web page where there are meeting minutes, treasury reports, bylaws, lease documents and now Covid-19 documentation.

The Board can be up to 11 members. We meet monthly via conference call. The NCVA is a non-profit organization and has to be managed as such. We work with the County of Santa Clara, *especially* this year.

In my two years as a Board member I’ve learned that much of what we are trying to achieve at Hellyer are activities that were done in the past but fell by the wayside for a variety of reasons. Given that, I’d like to reach out to not just new Board members but also past Board members. With a Board of 11 members, there’s plenty of room to accomodate members with Hellyer experience as well as new members fluent in today’s unique track riding and racing challenges.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Erik Salander
NCVA President