Hellyer Board Projects Update – October 2020

Even though we had to shutdown the track to training and racing for five months the Board members and volunteers have been working to maintain the facility and complete some special projects. This is what has transpired since the last projects “update” back in April.

RENTAL FLEET OVERHAUL: Thanks to all the volunteers who refurbished about 40 of our rental bikes. The components and setups have been standardized and the fleet given a fresh power coat. 

LOCKS and KEYS: The change over to new locks with a minimal set of keys has been completed.

SQUIRREL ABATEMENT: The gaps between the rail boards and gates (!!!) and the track have been completely closed. Please do your best to KEEP THE GATES CLOSED during sessions and especially upon leaving the track at the end of a session.

PAINTING PROJECT: Our painting project was on the verge of kicking off in March when the shutdown happened. We were able to restart the project two months later. The project included sealing and painting the blue band, repainting the finish line and the officials stand.

LED LIGHTING IN CONTAINERS: The fluorescent lights in the Office container were replaced with LED lights. LED lighting was installed in the Rental Bike Container. Thanks to the volunteers who completed this very useful improvement project.

TSHIRT DESIGN CONTEST: Like all the other projects the Tshirt and Hoodie production and distribution were delayed due to the shutdown. But in the end it worked out great. We had approximately 50 people order 100+ items. Time to start thinking about your design ideas for next year!

PANDEMIC: Never would have thought of something like this…  Even though we were shutdown for five months there was alot of work going on with Santa Clara County to bring about our reopening in a safe manner. Among the work efforts were: deliberations with our County representative, forms!, new waivers, new online registration and payment processing, education to our supervisors and members, signs, webpages, cleaning supplies and more.  Thanks to the whole community for making this happen and a special Thanks to the supervisors running our initial sessions. The Board will continue to work with the County on incremental “next steps”.

If you want to volunteer to help with future projects, reach out to any Board member. If you want to be a member of the Hellyer Board, elections will be coming up in late Nov (or early Dec), watch your inbox for election information or ask us any questions you might have about that process.

Thanks everyone, stay well.

Hellyer Velodrome Board