Contributor of the Year

Erik Salander – 2019 

Chris Bonilla – 2016, 2017, 2018

Chris started in the beginner sessions as a new rider 4 years ago and has quickly established himself as a valuable mentor in Saturday morning sessions and junior programs. So glad to have him as a full-fledged supervisor in 2019!

He’s a great example of taking initiative and stepping up to help where he can. Did I mention that he is only 18 years old?

In 2018, Chris was frequently the first person in the parking lot on Saturday mornings, greeting the supervisor and asking how he can help in the session. He helped with the rental bikes, orienting new riders, registration and waivers and lead several portions of the beginner sessions (with a shadow supervisor). Thank you Chris for your dedication to the velo!

Jonathan Racine – 2015 

“Jonathan Racine volunteered as our President for two years and doesn’t even ride the track.” 

“He put on almost every championship event in the last two years, dealt with not one but two audits, and brought our fund balance from less than $5K when he started to over $50K?” 

“He is a champion for all racing in the Bay Area, great promoter and stepped in as president to help keep Hellyer available to the entire community.”

2014 Volunteer of the Year - Fergus Tanaka

Fergus Tanaka – 2014

“Fergus has not only become a Supervisor, which he leads the Beginner Saturday session, but has also promoted a number of races this year. The reason why I think he deserves to be the Volunteer of the Year, is he stepped up to own the rental bike fleet. In a very short time, has transformed a system, documenting each bike’s status and has made repairs on all bicycles.”

“I’d like to nominate Fergus for V of Year. He renovated our rental fleet, promoted many events, and supervised Saturday sessions.”

“Gave everything he could to promote races this year even became a new supervisor! Promoted Wednesdays, Fridays and additional weekends when needed!”