Becoming a Supervisor

If you would like to become a supervisor, you need to get approval from the Chief Supervisor. The ideal supervisor is an experienced track rider and is also very mature. There are many possible situations you need to be able to handle but the overriding point is that you are the representative of the NCVA during the session(s) you are running. You need to be able to deal with accidents, which will happen no matter how careful you may be, but also see potential problems before they become accidents. Santa Clara County has leased the track to the NCVA. This lease could be revoked if the County does not like the way we are running the track. Really good supervisors are our best bet to keep the track in operation. If the Chief Supervisor thinks you are a good candidate to become a supervisor, he or she, will ask you to assist with running at least 3 Saturday Novice sessions. You may be asked to run one where you are the session supervisor.

To become a supervisor, you need to have current medical training. Specifically, this means up to date training in basic first aid and CPR/AED. You may get this training from the Red Cross or the American Heart Association (AHA). Online classes are not acceptable. Training is typically good for 2 years. The NCVA does offer these classes occasionally but it is your responsibility to stay current. You must provide proof of your medical training status.

There is a supervisor’s agreement which you must sign and forward to the Chief Supervisor. You will not be allowed to supervise sessions if you have not returned the agreement.

Once you become a supervisor, you will be enrolled in the supervisor email list. You are expected to monitor your email and respond in a timely manner when requested. You will get a set of keys that open the gates, the containers and activate the lights. You can attend training sessions without having to pay the normal session fee. You do not get free racing.

You are expected to supervise multiple sessions each year. In particular, you should volunteer for Saturday novice session duty when one of the regular Saturday supervisors requests it. We do not need inactive supervisors. You may be asked to relinquish your supervisor privileges if you fail to supervise many sessions or your behavior is not up to our standards.

Mark Koenig – Chief Supervisor
Annabell Holland
Elizabeth Hernandez-Jones
Mark Rodamaker
Matthew Martinez
Larry Knaus
Stephen Doll

John Simmons
Daryl Hemenway
Allen Vugrincic
Doug Ambrisko
Barbara Gicquel
Joe Atmore
Josh McDonald

Andrew Lanier
Fergus Liam
Larry Nolan
Barry Perkins
Chris Bonilla
Skyler Samuelson Espinoza
Sydney Parcell

Motor Pacers – must be approved by Board
Allen Vugrincic
Mark Rodamaker
Annabell Holland
Andrew Lanier
Jeff Solt