Tired of hauling your track bike to and from the velodrome?

We have 19 bike lockers available to rent on an annual basis. Each locker has space for at least two bikes plus other items including pumps, tools, rollers, and more.

All locker users are responsible for supplying their own lock, which is REQUIRED. The container will be unlocked before each training/racing session by a supervisor and locked at the end of each session. The renter will be responsible for locking their individual locker inside the container.

How much does a locker cost?
As of January 2017, lockers are $200 per year.

How do I rent/renew a locker?
The locker rental period is January – December of each year. Every December, renewal notices are emailed to current renters. Any lockers that are not renewed for the following year are made available to the Hellyer community in a blind lottery performed by the Board of Directors in late December or early January. The lottery notice is sent to the community via the Google Group.

You can also email at any time throughout the year to inquire about locker availability. If a locker is open, we will send you our locker agreement form and payment instructions.

Can I share a locker?
Yes! Many of our lockers are shared by friends or rented by cycling clubs. If you’re looking for someone to share a locker with, we encourage you to use the Google Group to find someone. You can also email and we may be able to assist you.

Can I transfer rental of my locker to a friend?
To ensure the locker rental process is fair to our community, we do not generally allow rental transfers, and instead use an annual blind lottery process to select new renters when people choose not to renew their locker. However, in cases where two people have been sharing a locker, we will consider transfer from the original renter to the sharing partner. This can be done at any time during the rental period or during the renewal process.