Training Sessions

All riders must have a current year online waiver on file. This is a county requirement. Be sure your name is listed online or you will need to fill out a paper waiver for the day.

General Requirements/tips

Arrive on time and with your bike already set up in warm up gear (79-84” recommended). If it is an unstructured session bring your own workout; it is not the supervisor’s job to provide you with a session plan.

Carefully check to see it’s safe to cross the track.

Check your bike is safe to use, eg everything (bars, wheels, saddle, sprocket etc) is properly tightened and your tires are pumped up.

You must sign in to the session and pay relevant fee before getting on the track.

You must always wear a helmet when on your bike (except when on rollers/trainer).

Be aware of what is happening on the track at all times, there is likely to be big speed variances between different riders doing different efforts, always think ‘is what I am doing safe for me and others?”

The temperature can change a lot during a session especially in the evening and early morning. Bring extra clothing to wear in between efforts.

Be courteous and respectful to the supervisor and your fellow participants; remember we do this because we enjoy it!

Unstructured sessions
Make the session supervisor aware of what efforts you wish to do that day, they may pair you up with others doing similar efforts. The supervisor may deem your efforts unsuitable for the number of riders at a session, eg if you want to do long endurance efforts, the supervisors’ decision is final. Be prepared to work in with the other riders, and mindful of how your workout could affect them. You must share the track with others as needed.

Getting on the track
Only get on the track when it is safe to do so (check all the way around the track, a rider might be moving very quickly on the other side to you). After the warm up the space below the blue-stayers line and the lane by the rail are for efforts only.

Enter the track on the back stretch only.

General Riding Rules
No more than 2 abreast on any part of the track, unless practicing team sprint/pursuits starts and this to be agreed with the supervisor first.

Leave space by the rail for riders approaching the start of their efforts at speed.

After your effort leave the track on a straight as soon as it is safe to do so.

Use the warm up circle/rollers NOT the track for riding between efforts cooling down/warming up for another effort.

Warm ups
Arrive on time; the warm up will begin within the 15 minutes of the posted session start time.

Most sessions will start with a progressive 30 lap warm up consisting

10 laps steady, say 15-17mph,

15 laps getting progressively quicker approx. ¼ mph per lap building to 21-22mph,

5 laps building swiftly to a controlled group sprint for the last lap. Safety is paramount, this is not a race, just a hard effort at the end to really open the legs, please check your ego at the infield.

Be mindful of the riders behind you at all times, never under lap, if you are catching the rider in front move up the track slightly and gently ease off DO NOT KICK BACK.

Look as far ahead as you can, this will make it easier to anticipate any speed changes.

When you get to the front at most very gently raise the pace, in the first 25 laps no more than ¼ mph.

If the warm up consists of one lap pulls, change the lead rider entering turn one. The lead rider, carefully looking over his/her shoulder first to make sure its safe, moves up track, giving a loud shout of how many laps are remaining.

If the warm up consists of half lap pulls, the lead rider change takes place entering turns one and three.

If you are struggling with the pace leave the group safely by indicating, checking its clear to move up then putting in one last effort to bring the riders behind you up to the rider in front before moving.

If there are more than 12 riders the warm up may be split up into 2 or smaller groups, please do as requested by the supervisor.

If you arrive late and miss the warm up you will need to use either rollers/trainer or the warm up circle, NOT the track.

Warm Up/Down circle
No more than two abreast at anytime, keep to the far left allowing room for riders going faster than you to enter the circle on the outside. Always ride in an counter-clockwise direction.

Moto paced rules
No more than 10 behind a moto for a moto warm up or endurance paced efforts (unless by specific instruction of the sessions supervisor). The moto is reserved for those who have hired it or other invited riders only. No more than 4 behind the moto for specific efforts.

Moto use only if agreed with the session supervisor and must be confirmed prior to the session. The moto has priority when on the track.

Only the moto and that rider on the track when doing sprint efforts.

When changing behind the moto; pull along side the moto on the straight bringing the riders behind you up to the rear of the motor before swinging off

Who are 16-18 (or younger with prior special supervisor consent) are welcome to attend these sessions as long as they fit the criteria and are accompanied by either a parent or a coach who has their parents contact details and they have a mentor/coach to follow in the session. Parents and riders please be aware supervisors are not automatically responsible for your child’s custodial care.

The supervisors are volunteers who allow us to put on the various sessions at Hellyer. Please be respectful at all times to the session supervisor and follow their requests, they are there for your safety and to make sure sessions run smoothly for everyone. Their decisions are final and must be respected, anyone not adhering to the rules will be asked to leave.

Never cross the track during a race, wait for a break.

Pay attention at all times, always look over your shoulder in the direction you want to travel before changing line.

Protect your front wheel, DO NOT under lap.

If you have been lapped twice please retire from the race by pulling off the bottom of the track as soon as it is safe to do so (exception for 1-2-3/A grade longer races), if you have been dropped in a race and are retiring do so as soon as possible, DO NOT keep riding around on the stayers line. If you are looking to re-enter the race after being dropped ride as close to the rail as possible until the bunch returns.

At the finish of a race hold your line and come off the track on the back straight as soon as it is safe and go straight into the warm down circle. EXCEPTION; if your speed or traffic precluded you from exciting on the back straight enter the warm down circle immediately on exciting turn 4 as long as it is safe to do so. Do not ride through the start finish area. You should NEVER swing up after the finish.

No swearing in a race.

Race by the rules and respect the safety of yourself and your fellow competitors.

Warming up on race day
No more than two abreast at any time, stayers line and above for steady paced riding, keep the pole open for riders doing fast pace efforts.

Keep the rail clear at all times for riders leading in to fast efforts.

Be aware there will be lots of riders on the track at the same time going at various speeds, pay attention and be safe.