Session Definitions

These sessions are for more experienced riders (check the specific requirements for each session) who will come to the velodrome with their own specific workout. Be prepared to have to fit in with other rider’s workouts. Please check the etiquette page for more information.

These sessions are coach or supervisor led and may have specific requirements for attending. Please be aware the session will consist of whatever the coach/supervisor has planned for that day and individual efforts will not be possible (unless agreed with the coach/supervisor prior). There may also be an additional fee for these sessions above the standard NCVA daily rate.

These sessions are aimed at riders who have little to no velodrome riding experience and will be coach/supervisor led. Rental bikes are available.

These sessions are for riders who have completed at least 4 Beginner sessions, they are also a pathway to the Advanced sessions. Prior to attending your first Intermediate session, please reach out to the session supervisor for a brief orientation.

Are for category 3 and above racers and/or riders who have been through the intermediate sessions and have a coach/mentor present (must get advanced supervisors consent to attend first). Out of town/experienced riders who are not category 3 racers must get supervisors consent first to attended.