Soft Opening Date Tuesday, August 18th

Hello Hellyerites,

We have received official approval from the County to open. The soft opening date is Tuesday, August 18th.

These are unprecedented times. Everyone is navigating this health crisis in their own way. Running a session or attending a session is a personal choice. The BOARD respects your choice. There has been interests from the community and some supervisors to open, and the Board voted unanimously to move forward with pursuing the approval to open. It took some time and we are appreciative of the thoroughness of the County.

We will be doing a soft opening for the first week or two, before adding any additional sessions (volunteer supervisor dependent). Sessions: (M & Tue a.m. intermediate, Tue Juniors, and Sun a.m. Adv). This will allow us time to work out any kinks and see if there is a demand for us to be open.

We are unable to run beginner sessions at this time, as we are not authorized to use the rental fleet for adults or do group riding of any kind.


  1. “face coverings are to be worn at all times except when exercising AND being able to maintain 6ft separation:. This is not an either or. So even though we can spread out with 40+ feet between us on the infield, face coverings are required at all times except when exercising 6+ft apart.
  2. Registration and payment will be online only (NO DROP-INS). You can register here . Links will be added to the official website so you won’t need to remember this link. Season pass holders will received a Coupon Code.
  3. WAIVERS will be online only and you need to fill out a NEW WAIVER. The waivers have been reset as if we are beginning a new year. Fill yours out here  Everyone will have to complete new waivers. We have added a COVID specific waiver. We will be facilitating the juniors in the same manner as before.
  4. Seating will be at the ends of the picnic tables (diagram in attached document). The center of the tables will be blocked off. A household can use one picnic table. You may also use areas surrounding the track outside of the rail.
  5. Maximum of 3 persons on the track doing individual efforts at a time (except riders from the same household or at a Junior session where 6 Juniors are allowed on the track). No group warm ups or group riding on track
  6. Completely contactless. Your on-line reservation will be used as your sign-in and the Supervisor will fill out the sheet.
  7. Loaner bikes are allowed for juniors sessions only and will be sanitized after each use.

NCVA Board