2020 Board Candidate Statements

Candidate statements (8) in order of submission: Annabell Holland, Erik Salander, Sara Stearns, Kira Maximovich, Matt Martinez, Lisa Kiratsous, Joe Atmore and MaryAnn Levenson.

Annabell Holland

After two years serving on the Board as Vice President, I would like to continue for 2020. A lot has been accomplished over the last two years (new lights, picnic benches, facility painting, structured training sessions, new racing opportunities on the weekends, and recruitment of additional supervisors). 2020 is going to be an exciting year, with the continuation of structured sessions, Wednesday night racing, and a formalized weekend schedule of racing: Sprints, Time Trials, Keirins, Madison, Mass Start omniums.

About me: I have been a volunteer Hellyer Supervisor since 2009 and am 3 years retired from 26 years of managing and developing Parks & Recreation programs for local government. Over the past two years I have brought this professional experience to the Hellyer Velodrome Board. If reelected for 2020, my focus will be on rehabilitating the fleet of rental bikes, further developing the racing calendar, recruiting new promoters, and continuing to grow the women’s racing fields. My long-term focus for the track is growing the Capital Reserve budget, planning for the future need to resurface the track, and moderate facility upgrades throughout the year.

I fully understand the uniqueness of operating a County owned facility and the government red tape involved in making capital improvements and even minor improvements to our facility.

We are fortunate to have this velodrome. It has given so much to me, and returning that gratitude honors those who helped me get started.

Erik Salander

This year was my first year on the Hellyer Board and I would like to continue in 2020. In 2019 I contributed by procuring rail board sponsors, updating track signage, producing Hellyer-branded water bottles, maintaining the website and publicizing racers and races on our social media.

In 2020 I’d like to continue with my 2019 work and assist in any other projects when necessary. I’d like for our community to grow by getting more racers to the track, more volunteers, and more funding to pay for improvements to our facility and racing. From my non-profit experience with a large bike club, the NCNCA and now the NCVA – I understand everything has to be done in a cost-conscious and sustainable way.

I’ve only been racing on the track since 2015, not long compared to most. Yet in that short time I’ve come to thoroughly enjoy track racing and the Hellyer community. I’m grateful for the contributions of past Board members and volunteers. I’d like to do my part to carry on.

Sara Stearns

I’m interested in running for a position once again for the 2020 NCVA Board.  I have served on the Board for 2018 and 2019, acting in the capacity of Secretary, as well as being a part of the Infrastructure Committee.  I’d like to continue that for 2020.  I’ve settled into the Secretary position, and I’d like to continue to add continuity to the Board.  Both 2018 and 2019 Boards were staffed by a dedicated group of people who conceived of and then oversaw some major infrastructure improvements to the track (painting, squirrel mitigation, and landscaping), and there is more improvement being discussed for 2020.  As for racing at Hellyer, I would continue to be part of the movement to get more masters, men and women, out to the track, either new riders, or folks making a return to track racing.  I also support the push for more events, sprint, TT and keirin, to be added to the schedule.  The Hellyer Board is currently made up of some very passionate, experienced, and dedicated people.  I’ve learned much from them over the past two years, and I’d love to continue that learning and helping process.

Kira Maximovich

Hello Hellyer community. I currently sit on the Board of Directors, and would love the opportunity to continue doing so for the 2020 year. My work this year has focused on infrastructure improvements and I hope to continue working in this capacity again next year. So far this year, with the help of Scouts working on their Eagle projects, we have refurbished the judge’s stand, painted the shade structure, and continued to upgrade the landscaping of the velodrome entrance. We are currently in the process of working on reducing the attractiveness of the infield to the local squirrel population with the goal of keeping them off the track. I love this track and community and want to do all I can to help sustain and grow it. Please consider providing me with the opportunity to continue working on the Board next year.

Matt Martinez

My goal is to actually be more active on the board side of things for 2020. I was more of a peripheral board member this past year and was not satisfied. I hope to help increase rider attendance at the track and do a better job promoting races by adding a BAR omnium, Madison, Keirin, and other events. I plan to spread the word around the roadie world a little more as well.

Lisa Kiratsous

I would like to continue my role as treasurer of the 2020 NCVA Board of Directors. I have been a part of the Hellyer community since 2015. This past year was my first year on the board. I really enjoyed working with the other board and committee members to keep our facility running smoothly. I took over this position this past May and have learned so much. I would like the opportunity to further improve how we manage and track our finances. I appreciate this opportunity to give back to our community. Thank you for your consideration.

Joe Atmore

I am interested in running for the Board of the NCVA. For the last 2 two years, I started racing again after a long hiatus and have not lost that excitement and would hope to bring it to others. I am currently working on becoming a supervisor. From the management standpoint, I have been on small organizational boards in the past, supported large corporate ones and have lead major projects for both corporate and non-profit based organizations. I hold a BS and MBA, which could be useful on the business aspects of Hellyer and recently pulled the early retirement cord from my long time finance job, so I currently have time to devote.

MaryAnn Levenson

Hellyer Community,

I have just completed my first year on the board and would like to be considered for another term, 2020.

I realize my goals to support Hellyer in 2019 were a bit too ambitious and I would like another opportunity to support and help grow our community.

In 2019 my primary responsibility was to stop the squirrels from entering the track and playing chicken with our riders.  Erik S and group evaluated different barriers and I worked with the county Rangers to help find a viable option.   We are getting very close to completing the project and I would like to see it through.

The board members work really hard to keep our track and community safe, our equipment up to date and scheduling track times to accommodate all levels of riders.

It really does take a village to keep our track running smoothly. I am proud to be part of this group that works so hard behind the scenes.  I am happy to be the board domestique and support committee members where needed.

Thanks for your consideration