2020 Contributor of the Year contest results!

The Overhaul Team – 2020

The team was led by Fergus Tanaka and included Aaron Garcia, Ana Regalado, Chris Bonilla, Dustin Long, John Benet, Roddy Gilchrist, and Wagner Sousa. They rebuilt ~40 of our rental bikes with standard setups and common parts, and then finished them off with new powder coats. With any luck, these beautiful bikes will see some action next year!
Second place goes to Annabell Holland for all of the time and energy she put into getting approval for the velodrome to reopen. She spent countless hours working with the County to allow us to re-open while minimizing the risks to ourselves or the community. Without her efforts, the velodrome would have remained closed during the pandemic.
Also nominated:

Doug and Dana Ambrisko were responsible for upgrading the office lighting to LED and adding lighting to the rental containers. They also reinforced the bleachers and installed a new sign for the judge’s stand.

The Supervisor Team – Andrew Lanier (all Juniors sessions, BTW!!!), Annabell Holland, BJ Gicquel, Joe Atmore, Lary Nolan, and Mark Rodamaker. They came out and ran sessions after the velodrome received approval to operate under new restrictions. With them, none of us would have been able to use the track.

Erik Salander performed asphalt patching and some painting of the velodrome, as well as the unglamorous, but necessary tasks like weeding, leaf blowing, and edging.

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