2020 NCVA Board of Directors Election Results

Thanks to the 40+ NCVA members who voted in our recent election; we greatly appreciate your participation in the NCVA. At our December 19th Board meeting last week, we sorted out our officers and committees. Your 2020 NCVA board members (8), officers and committees are:

President: Erik Salander, Vice President: Annabell Holland, TreasurerLisa Kiratsous, Secretary: Sara Stearns,
Kira Maximovich, MaryAnn Levenson, Matt Martinez, Joe Atmore

Infrastructure Committee: Kira Maximovich (chair), Barbara Gicquel, MaryAnn Levenson, Mark Rodamaker, Erik Salander
Supervisor: Annabell Holland (chair), Mark Koenig (chief supervisor), John Simmons, Joe Atmore
Scheduling: Annabell Holland (chair), Bess Hernandez-Jones, Lisa Kiratsous, MaryAnn Levenson, Erik Salander
Upgrades: Matt Martinez (chair), Daryl Hemenway, John Simmons
Marketing: Erik Salander (chair), Matt Martinez, Joe Atmore
(all this info plus email contacts is stored on the Board web page should you ever need to retrieve it)

A special Thanks to our outgoing 2019 board members for their contributions: Bill Nighan served as President in recent years, Sarah Trent served as Treasurer in recent years, Mark Rodamaker has been a long-time board member and Barbara Gicquel is a very busy supervisor.

In the bigger picture, Thanks to all the supervisors, promoters and volunteers who put on sessions and races, maintained our rental bikes and worked on the facility.  As you can see, it takes a bunch of people making all kinds of contributions to keep our Hellyer community humming along. The more people involved, the better – let any of us know if you’d like to join in the volunteer action. Enjoy the holidays and onward to 2020!