2020 NCVA Board of Directors Election Timeline

Dear Hellyer Velodrome Community:

This is the time of year to express your interest in joining the 2020 NCVA Board of Directors.  Express interest by December 5th, as elections begin December 7th (timeline below!).

Mark Koenig has agreed to be our election coordinator once again.

You will also have a chance to vote for the Contributor of the Year – who would you like to acknowledge for his or her contributions to the NCVA and the Hellyer track cycling community in 2019?

The success of our Hellyer velodrome is based upon a strong group of volunteers.  Joining the Board of the non-profit NCVA is one way for any of us to be involved in the significant behind-the-scenes work required to keep our Hellyer velodrome running.  The Board and volunteers operate and maintain the facility at the Hellyer County Park, with the support of the Santa Clara Parks Department.

We work to insure riding opportunities are offered to all interested in riding at Hellyer, we are committed to constantly improve ourselves and the facility for the good of all track cyclists that ride at Hellyer, we always act with integrity and we always act in financially logical ways. That summarizes the NCVA mission.

In addition to facilitating this volunteer work, we have created a transparent framework that allows professionals and semi-professionals to contribute to Hellyer offerings as well, with the excellent races and coached sessions that nearly all of us enjoy, for fees that are reviewed by the Board.

An NCVA Board member in good standing is expected to attend 90% of our monthly pre-scheduled evening meetings (which we sometimes hold via teleconference) and is willing to work collaboratively on projects associated with the NCVA mission.  We won’t lie to you, it is hard work, but it is in support of our passion for track cycling and racing.

The Board meets monthly and has a regular flow of e-mail communication to facilitate programs at the track. Traditionally, meetings have been held the 3rd Thursday of the month (that day might change), and/or we hold evening conference calls as necessary; Board members must attend at least 90% of these.  The NCVA Board of Directors may be as few as 3 members, and as many as 11.

Volunteer areas at the Board level include finances, facilities/infrastructure, track supervising, upgrades, sponsorship, and scheduling, among other things.  We are also in need of support with all things digital, like our online waiver management, online outreach, and our website and social media.  Board members are expected to actively work on these projects and to be responsive to one another by email.

Volunteers who are not Board members help tremendously with these areas.  There are many ways to help without joining the Board, as the Board members will form Committees that can only succeed with additional volunteers from our membership.  See more about that at the end of this email –

2019/2020 NCVA Board Election timeline:
December 5th, 2019: Deadline for prospective Board members to submit interest and statements (5 to 10 sentences is fine).
December 7th, 2019: Elections open (via online survey mailed to members, links also available online and on Facebook page).  You will also vote for Contributor of the Year – who would you like to acknowledge for his or her contributions to our NCVA community in 2019?
December 14th, 2019: Elections end.
December 19th, 2019: or as soon as possible thereafter:  2019 Board convenes to ratify elections results and name new 2020 Board.

Send a brief email statement of interest by midnight Th Dec 5th, 2019 to Election Coordinator Mark Koenig.

Statements can be short, or very short, less than 250 words is plenty, about why you would like to be on the BOD, what you can contribute, and any goals you would like to accomplish on behalf of the Hellyer community in the next year.  Mark Koenig will collect and publish all names and statements together in an email and on the website in advance of the online election by NCVA members.

TO BE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE in the Board elections, you must have an NCVA waiver filled out and on file with the NCVA.  Current eligible voters may be viewed at:  https://hellyervelodrome.com/rider-info/waivers

If you don’t have a waiver on file, please do so prior to the start of elections.

If you are not interested in joining the Board of Directors, but want to help, you can join a committee next year.  The Board fills Committees that direct efforts and programs at Hellyer (from track scheduling, to infrastructure, to sponsorship, to social media, to upgrades) – for more information on Board Committees, please see https://hellyervelodrome.com/board  for general guidance.  Committees need help and often have very active non-Board members, so please consider volunteering your time and expertise, even if you don’t wish to run for the Board.  Being on a committee is a great way to get things done at Hellyer.

Please keep your eye on this email list for updates, information, and candidate statements in the near future.  Please feel free to contact me or any current Board Member if you have any questions about what work on the Board entails.

Thanks again for taking part in the elections for the 2020 NCVA Board.

Bill Nighan
Northern California
Velodrome Association