Hellyer Velodrome Operational Status – ONGOING

March 20, 2020 Update

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an evolving, unprecedented public health crisis that has necessitated several emergency measures to keep the community safe and help slow the spread of the disease.

On March 192020, the Governor of CA issued a Shelter in Place Order (EO) for the entire State. This EO is effective until further notice from the Governor. The EO is in alignment with what has already been issued by the Counties here in northern California.

The Velodrome will remain closed during this crisis and in accordance with EOs.

Your Hellyer Board met last night via phone. We brainstormed options for a nimble return to operation, assisting our sponsors through this time, and how we might be able to enhance the Velodrome while it is closed (within the current guidelines). We also discussed, refunding or extending the time period for those of you who have made annual purchases. We will address this once this crisis is over.

In the meantime, do everything you can to keep yourself and your community healthy. Protect yourself, practice social distancing, assist those most at risk, and when you ride outdoors,  ride solo, or 6ft apart.

Hellyer Velodrome Board

March 15, 2020 Update

This morning, March 15th, USA Cycling sent out a communique stating that they had cancelled all event permits through April 5th. In addition they are asking that all race directors, clubs, athletes, and members follow suit and cancel any gatherings, including group rides and in-person meetings.

Effective immediately, the Hellyer Velodrome will be closed through April 5th in accordance with USAC’s latest memo and the constricting guidelines of our local agencies. Hopefully all of this social distancing will have the impact we need to curb the escalation of this virus.

Hellyer Velodrome Board

USA Cycling Memo

“Due to the latest data on COVID-19’s spread and the healthcare system’s ability to manage this crisis, USA Cycling is recommending cancellation of all sanctioned events immediately and calling on all race and event directors, clubs, coaches, athletes, and members to postpone or cancel all scheduled races and events immediately. This includes any gatherings such as group rides, in-person group meetings, etc.

We are suspending permits on all events through April 5th.

USA Cycling will continue to monitor and meet with partners to assess the state of this national emergency and its impact on the cycling community.

We are taking measures within our control and asking everyone involved in this sport to protect our community so we can get back to riding and racing with everyone in good health as soon as possible.”