Hellyer Velodrome Rules of Conduct

  1.  Hellyer County Park Velodrome can only be used by riders during  a training or racing  session overseen by a designated Northern California Velodrome Association (NCVA) track supervisor.
  2.  The Velodrome cannot be used by riders when an NCVA track supervisor is not present.
  3.  Hellyer/NCVA supervisors unlock the facility as needed at the start of a training or racing session, collect Velodrome day use fees, enforce existing NCVA and Santa Clara County Parks use rules,  oversee riders using the Velodrome,  and vacate and  lock the Velodrome  at the end of each session.
  4. Riders must be members of NCVA in good standing in order to ride on the Velodrome, and the NCVA reserves the right to suspend a rider’s ability to ride on the Velodrome  based on violations of the Velodrome’s rules, including these rules of conduct.
  5.  All adult  riders at the Velodrome must sign a daily waiver or have an  annual waiver on file with NCVA before they can ride on the Velodrome.   All minors must have a daily waiver or an annual waiver on file with NCVA that has been signed by a parent or legal guardian  before they can ride on the Velodrome. By signing the waiver you automatically become a member of the the NCVA.
  6. All riders must sign in to and pay for the session that they are attending, before riding the Velodrome.
  7.  All riders, supervisors, volunteers,  coaches, and NCVA officials are subject to a code of conduct that applies to all activities at the Velodrome, and (a)  as a general rule,   all riders, supervisors,  volunteers, coaches, and NCVA officials must ride, act, and conduct themselves in a manner that is safe and reasonable, and does not infringe on the safety and security of other users of the Velodrome, and (b) specifically,  the following conduct is unacceptable,  prohibited, and considered to be a violation of the general code of conduct:
      •  the use of abusive language (i.e. profanity, aggressive language, or threats)
      • verbal or physical harassment
      • actual or threatened physical violence
      •  any conduct endangering the life, safety, health or well-being of others
      •  failing to comply with instructions from Hellyer County Park rangers
      • failing to comply with instructions from  designated NCVA supervisors in charge
      • illegal conduct, including possession of or use of illegal drugs
      • riding the Velodrome while intoxicated
      • possessing dangerous or unauthorized materials such as  firearms at the Velodrome
      • dangerous or reckless riding at the Velodrome
      •  theft of private property, property of NCVA, or property of Hellyer County Park
      •  causing deliberate physical damage to the Velodrome or Hellyer County Park property
      • failing to comply with USA Cycling code of conduct

Last Updated: 4/28/2021