Waivers Required to Ride the Track

All participants using the Hellyer County Park Velodrome are REQUIRED to complete both a Santa Clara County waiver and a Northern California Velodrome Association waiver.  If your name is NOT on the Completed Signed Waiver List, you must complete County and NCVA waivers.  Waivers need to be renewed each calendar year.

Adults (18 and older)
Adults can e-sign the County and NCVA ONLINE waivers or sign the County and NCVA PAPER waivers and submit new PAPER waivers each session to the session supervisor.  e-sign once and you are covered for the calendar year.  Adults will ONLY be added to the Completed Signed Waiver List when e-signing the ONLINE waivers, bring completed PAPER waivers if you are not on the Completed Signed Waiver List.

Minors (17 and under)
Each Minor needs to have a parent or legal guardian sign a County and NCVA PAPER waivers in the presence of the session supervisor.  These waivers may take up to 72 hours to be added to the Completed Signed Waiver List.  Approved Minors are marked in BOLD in the Completed Signed Waiver List.

Group of Minors
If a group of Minors would like to attend the track, the group’s organizer must contact info@hellyervelodrome.com for a streamlined group authorization procedure.

Completed Signed Waiver List
See the list below or to view the list in a separate window click Completed Signed Waiver List. An “**” next to the last name indicates paid Annual Training Pass holders.

NCVA Completed Signed Waivers Last Update: 7 August 8:15am