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We have a long-standing tradition of supporting junior development and getting kids on bikes at the Hellyer County Park Velodrome. Young men and women under 18 years of age (“Juniors” in the sport of cycling) can ride, race, and train on the track for free. They also have the use of fixed gear rental bikes during designated junior training sessions free of charge.

There are two regular programs, with very different goals and functions for young cyclists:

* Hellyer Kids Summer Race Series: Juniors age 9-18
* Tuesday afternoons: Juniors age 14-18 and Espoirs (seniors 19 – 22)

Hellyer Kids Summer Race Series – Afternoons 12:45pm to 4pm

The Hellyer Kids Summer Race Series is a great way for kids to learn how to ride and race the track. New for 2013, the Hellyer Kids Summer Race Series will be held on most Sunday afternoons, starting April 14th and ending with the season finale on October 13th. This new summer program features four blocks of training, each focusing on a different aspect of track racing: Endurance racing, Championship Events, Sprint racing, and the Omnium. There will be a day of racing at the end of each block. This program is geared toward developing riders who are 9 to 17 year old. From riders new to the track to experienced racers; everyone is welcome.


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What to Bring:

  • Signed waiver
  • Helmet (free rentals available)
  • Comfortable exercise clothing
  • Closed-toe shoes. We recommend athletic shoes or cycling specific shoes.
  • Snacks, water and good attitude
  • If your child uses a clipless pedal/cleat system, bring the shoes and pedals with you. We can put your pedals on a rental bike.
  • Fixed gear bicycle, if you have one.


Program Flyer-photo (c)Velodramatic


Scheduled dates for 2013:

    April 14th, April 21st, April 28th, May 4th
    May 26th, June 2nd, June 9th & June 15th & 16th

    August 11th, August 18th, August 25th, September 8th

    September 22, September 29th, October 6th, October 13th

Hellyer Kids Summer Race series participants will start at one of two levels:

Entry Level Riders – Ages 9 to 17: Entry Level riders are kids who are new to track cycling. At this level, kids will learn to ride a fixed gear track bike, velodrome riding etiquette, basic cycling skills and drills in a low-key, fun environment. Riders often spend 2-3 weeks at the Entry level before moving into the main group.

Advanced Riders – Ages 9 to 17: Advanced Level riders come to Sunday sessions with previous track cycling experience and will focus on improving their skills. The Advanced Rider session typically includes a coach’s discussion, paceline drills, group riding, skill work, timed individual efforts, and mock races. Riders who are motivated to progress will have the opportunity to participate in more advanced training sessions in preparation for racing. Note: Riders older than 14 may progress to the Tuesday Afternoon Sessions after a few Sunday sessions at the discretion of the coaches.


  • Please try to be on-time and/or early especially if renting bikes/equipment. Late riders may be turned away if they miss necessary instructions at the beginning of the session.
  • Children must be able to listen to, and respond to instructions from the coaches. This is very important for safety reasons.
  • Children should be tall enough to fit bikes (inseam of 21 inches, height 56 inches).
  • Parent and Children must sign a waiver to ride on the track.

Want to help?

  • Please bring kids to the sessions. Communicate about the program to your friends, neighbors, and family.
  • Volunteer during the session to ring bells, turn lap cards, etc…
  • Bring prizes/treats for the kids and the coaches.
  • Donate prizes or trophies at the District Championships in September.

Questions? Please contact John Cheetham or Anthony Borba

Coach Bios:

The Hellyer Kids Summer Race Series is run by volunteer coaches and mentors. We often have national and international level guest coaches helping to prepare the kids as well. Parents are welcome to help with timing or on lap cards during the sessions. Coaches for the Sunday Junior Sessions are:

John Cheetham: John is a USA Cycling Level II coach for the last six years with additional certifications in Power Based Training and Skills. John is also a coach with the USA Cycling Development Camps and the Earlybird Training Series. He currently races both road and track.

Anthony Borba: Anthony is a USA Cycling Level III coach. Anthony has run a cycling team for the past 5 years and currently races both road and track in Northern California. He brings his race experience and knowledge to the program. He also is a bit of a cheerleader.