Hellyer History

Breaking Away Videos Summer 1981

Three videos make up this night, featuring Eric Peterson, Terry Shaw, Robert Ford, Fred Markham, Nick Farats, Bob Muzzy, Paul Middlestadt, and many more.
Links open YouTube: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Thanks to: Don “Dutch” Martinich and Velo Vecchio (background and photos)  and Allan Armstrong (photos)

The Hellyer County Park Velodrome was built in 1963 for an original investment of Hellyer Start Line$25,000. Located in Hellyer County Park in San Jose, the velodrome is part of the Hellyer Park and the Coyote Creek Parkway; a 354-acre urban park in the heart of Santa Clara County’s regional park system. Today, Hellyer stands as the only velodrome in existence within Northern California.

Since opening, Hellyer has hosted a number of National cycling events including the 1972 US Olympic Bicycling Bag belonging to Olympian Jack DisneyTrials, Madison Race National Championships and several Master’s and Junior championships.

We work and operate the velodrome in strong partnership with Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department.

Spectating at the velodrome is free. Juniors (under 18) can Lemond and Mount 1979ride the track for free, along with free use of the fixed gear rental bikes. Adults typically pay as little as $5 for training and $5 for bike rentals for most beginner events.

Hellyer is an outdoor, concrete velodrome track. The distance around the oval shaped track is 335 meters. The corners of the track have 23 degrees of banking.Hellyer from the air

Hellyer’s track underwent substantial renovations in 2007, including the addition of a warm-up circle, patio, landscaping and lighting for night racing. The renovations were funded by the Park Charter Fund.

Hellyer County velodrome is committed to developing athletes. We give back by making training and racing opportunities affordable for cyclists, families, and the community at large. Funds from training sessions, donations, and bicycle rentals are used for the upkeep, maintenance, and improvement of the velodrome.

The Velodrome is administered by the NCVA (Northern California Velodrome Association), a California Non-profit corporation.