2023 Election

Nominations for 2023 Contributor of the Year

Here are the Contributor of the Year nominations in the order they were received.

Wagner Sousa – Wagner worked his welding magic for hours, every weekend in October, to reinforce our storage containers so they are secure going forward.

Annabell Holland – Annabell is known as a coach but also for really helping with keeping Hellyer on track and moving forward. From annual scheduling, building out registration pages, coordinating private rentals, steering the board through personnel changes, managing behind the scenes day to day operations, as well as recruiting new board and committee members to the NCVA. She also runs a self-funded women’s bike loaner program, removing the financial barriers to help new racers get started at Hellyer.

Gabby Zacks and Stephen Doll – This power couple not only brings a vibrant and positive attitude to all beginner sessions they help host but also have raised their hands multiple time this year to make sure women had additional opportunities to race. These sessions were tremendously successful with nothing but amazing things to be said by both veterans and those racing for the first time. Stephen and Gabby are perpetually brainstorming on ways to get more people out to Hellyer while keeping it fun and positive for everyone and I cannot wait to see what they are able to do in 2024.

Coach Andrew Lanier – I’m amazed at Andrew’s decades consistency and dedications.  Andrew Jr left the junior ranks in 2011, so that’s a long time for Andrew Sr to stay with the Juniors program!

Candidate Statements for the 2024 Board of Directors

Candidate statements (12) in order of submission: Matt Martinez, Stephen Roulac, Marissa Axell, Stephen Doll, Annabell Holland, James Grady, Florian Schneider, Fergus Tanaka, Carla Richard, Joe Atmore, Lisa Kiratsous and Alex Winter.

Matt Martinez

My goal as a board member is to support the bicycle racing community at large. As a board member, I will help with keeping ridership growth a priority and shall focus on making the races a positive experience for all participants. I plan to work with other board members to keep NCVA one of the most active and productive tracks. I will keep spreading the word to the bicycle enthusiast community and share what is possible on the track.

I have been involved in bicycle racing community for over 30 years, as a racer, official, and promoter.

Stephen Roulac

My interest in serving on the Hellyer Velodrome Board is motivated by members of the Hellyer Velodrome community – including current Board members – suggesting my background/expertise would expand board capabilities and that board role would be how I might best contribute to and support our community.

Since I am new to and not so well known by the Hellyer community, telling you here a bit about my background: both cycling and also professionally, which some would consider to be at least as important as cycling background for serving on the Board.

Alongside involvements in business building, tech, investing, professional services, writing, I have maintained significant scholarly research career – extensively published: academic appointments include faculty of Stanford GSB for 10 years and UCBerkeley (business & architecture) for five years, building on graduate education – Harvard MBA; Berkeley JD; Stanford PhD – specialization in strategy and finance.

By way of cycling background and how I became involved in Hellyer, for some years I have explored pursuing a third high level athletic career, following  competing at elite level in distance running through my college years and then in NorCal masters road racing in the mid 1980s through early 1990s, including racing on the US Masters team invited to compete in the 1990 Soviet Union national championships.

Additionally, from the later 1980s through early 1990s I was immersed in the bicycling ecosystem – ranging from community activism to racing –  through serving as publisher and editor of California Bicyclist, which – along with Florida and Texas editions – had second largest US cycling circulation, after Bicycling magazine.

Back in the day, as I much enjoyed racing TTs and stage race prologues, I was intrigued to race on the track: so much so that had a state-of-the-art pursuit bike made. But as life happened, track racing didn’t happen.

Then, in November 2021 I realized long held objective to attend a six day race in Ghent, Belgium. This experience was enhanced by the legendary track cyclist Iljo Keisse partnering with Mark Cavendish, who that summer tied Eddy Merckx TdeF stage wins total. That captivatingly fascinating exposure to track cycling stimulated me to research, study, and learn more about track cycling.

By January 2023, I had determined track cycling was to be my third serious sport, with goal to be competitive in Masters Nationals and Worlds.  Became involved in Hellyer this spring, following having spent 10 days in Anadia, Portugal at Pete Mitchell’s Black Line Coaching camp, where I met some of the Hellyer community. At the Black Line camp was fortunate to learn from Monica Greenwood (British track cycling women’s podium coach) and Ed Clancy (legendary team pursuit Olympic/World’s multi gold medalist). My learning Is ongoing: riding Bobby Walther’s Veloflyer with Hellyer bars, was on the podium in several events at both districts and nationals.

My background pertinent to board role includes professional advisory work with numerous leading tech, corporate, Investment, public sector enterprises. This work has involved advising senior management plus presenting to and working with boards, such as Apple, CALPERS, SEC, etc. And, I have served on numerous non-profit boards. For several decades have been member of the American Real Estate Society – comprised of the thought leaders of the real estate discipline – and served on board and chair of Strategy (authored ARES strategy statement) and also served as ARES president.

Addressing  how prospectively I might make the most salient contributions to the Hellyer Community, my priority shall be to ‘work with the Board concerning how best to enhance the present and prepare for tomorrow. To this end, I have been collaborating with some current Board members in advising re certain issues, including preparing a survey of members that might guide how we can make a very good program even better.

It shall be my honor to serve on the Hellyer Velodrome Board. To this end, ask your support. Thank you.

Marissa Axell

I served as Secretary on the NCVA Board in 2023 and enjoyed helping keep notes on our meetings as well as helping out with other tasks and committees where possible. I’m proud of how much work the board does and how successful we are with such a small group of committed volunteers. I’d like to serve another term to help further Hellyer’s women’s racing initiatives.

Stephen Doll

I’m Stephen- I’ve been a board member for the last two years here at Hellyer. I love the track and want to see it grow and succeed.

My priorities and goals for next year are:

1) Organize a community-run race series on Friday nights and weekends

2) Increase the number of board members, track supervisors, officials, and race promoters

3) Develop a plan to bring in a part time paid velodrome coordinator in 2025. This will be funded by the Friday/Saturday racing revenues

Annabell Holland

After six years serving on the Board as Vice President, I would like to continue for 2023 as we transition to a (hopefully) new group of future Hellyer leaders. I see this as a transition year, with new members shadowing key positions so that they are prepared and comfortable to assume those roles the following year.

This is also a Lease extension year. I’m the only member of the Board who has been through this process. The goal is to mentor all 2024 Board members on this process and our lease requirements that govern operations.

I have been a volunteer Hellyer Supervisor since 2009 and am 7 years retired from over 26 years of managing and developing Parks & Recreation programs and facilities for local government. Over the past six years I have brought this professional experience to the Hellyer Velodrome Board. My long-term focus for the track continues to be growing the capital reserve for future track resurfacing the track, and financial sustainability that could include at some point a paid operations manager.

I fully understand the uniqueness of operating a County owned facility and the government red tape involved in making capital improvements and even minor improvements to our facility.

We are fortunate to have this velodrome. It has given so much to me and returning that gratitude honors those who helped me get started.

James Grady

This is my first time running for the Hellyer Board. I have been involved at Hellyer in one form or another since 2016 and would like to deepen my involvement by serving on the Board.

I would like to see more racing at the velodrome, and I feel my experience as an event promoter and community organizer will be of benefit. I will work with the community and the board to refine our programming calendar to ensure success for many years.

Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to seeing you at the track!

Florian Schneider

I’d like to become a NCVA board member. In my past I’ve been racing track and road as an elite amateur in Europe. Now, as a masters rider I’ve been training and racing at Hellyer regularly for the last two seasons.

As a board member I can bring my experience from racing internationally in Europe. The velodrome offers a great entry for young riders to get into the sport. I’d like to see more young riders getting into cycling via the track. At the same time, the Bay Area has a large pool of roadies that have never tried out track. Attracting more of them is a priority for me.

Regarding racing, I’m specifically excited to see more Madison at Hellyer. The last seasons have shown increasing interest and I hope we can make Madison training and racing a regular occurrence for both elites and juniors.

Fergus Tanaka

If you know me, you know I love track racing and Hellyer Velodrome. You know not only do I love racing but I love good racing and great racers. I’ve been lucky enough to experience both at Hellyer Velodrome. As a candidate for the board at Hellyer Velodrome, I hope to lend experience as supervisor, promoter and racer to the board. 

We have a lot to address at the track. From the standpoint of improving the security of the track, revamping the rental fleet, developing sponsorship, producing a racing program that is accessible to all riders of all strengths, improving communication and marketing from the track and more. I look forward to working with my fellow trackies to tackle these tasks and elevating everyone’s experience at Hellyer Velodrome. 

Thank you for your consideration. 

Carla Richard

Racing and training at Hellyer are experiences that I value so much. I love riding the track! My application to join the NCVA Board is based on my strong desire to support excellent programming in 2024 for all of us to enjoy. I am committed to helping the many people that work hard to promote & run events and maintain & improve Hellyer’s facilities. The volunteer work that others do to make Hellyer awesome is super inspiring to me.

As a board member, I would like to focus my initial individual contributions on gathering sponsorship and ensuring that the non-profit status of Hellyer is a success. I have some work experience that I can apply to board member tasks and responsibilities such as communication with businesses, managing a budget, aiding the execution of complex projects, and being a resource for people with questions and ideas. I’m excited to help the Hellyer community in 2024.

Joe Atmore

I have been a member of the Hellyer Community for a long time. I can’t remember the exact date, but I have also been a supervisor at the track, holding intermediate and advanced training sessions for at least 5 years. Additionally, I have coached the beginner’s session for the same amount of time. In coordination with Larry Nolan, we started up the beginner’s sessions after they had been cancelled due to Covid restrictions in an attempt to introduce new riders to our great sport. I continue today running these very important sessions to help build our community, Additionally, i have volunteered at numerous race and training events throughout the years.

I previously was on the board for a short term and am seeking to be reelected to the board.

Some of the priorities I would like to focus on are rebuilding the rental fleet, having training sessions geared towards specific skills and promoting races.

Thank you for your consideration.

Lisa Kiratsous

It has been an honor to serve the Hellyer Velodrome community as treasurer for these past five years. I look forward to serving for one final year and mentoring the next treasurer for a smooth transition. I look forward to working with the board on various projects such as ensuring better security, track repairs and maintenance, and improvement of our yearly revenue. I encourage each of you to consider ways to give back—whether through your time, talents, or donations—to support the ongoing maintenance of the track and contribute to the replacement of our stolen track bikes. Let’s collectively show our appreciation to the Hellyer community for all the enriching experiences it has provided us.

Alex Winter

I have been part of the Hellyer community for the last 8 years. My fellow riders and our track’s volunteers welcomed me and mentored me at a time when I was still developing my own identity in the sport of cycling. I now can’t imagine my life without the velodrome, and I’d like to join the Board to participate in the conversations and decisions that will direct the future of our community. I will share my perspectives as a passionate young(-ish) rider, genuinely listen to others’ ideas, and consider all who might be impacted before voting on any decision. I look forward to helping Hellyer continue growing the diversity of it’s rider base, the competitiveness of it’s racing opportunities, and the overall enjoyment that left turns bring us.