2022 Election

Nominations for 2022 Contributor of the Year

Andrew Lanier – Andrew has been running the Juniors Program for many years. If there is a future for track racing, it is getting younger riders into the sport.

Lisa Kiratsous – Appreciate Lisa getting registration details up, answering questions and processing payments so quickly!

Matt Martinez and his entire Sky Express crew – Such a treat to have lots of racing with such a great vibe!!!

Candidate Statements for the 2023 Board of Directors

Candidate statements (7) in order of submission: Stephen Doll, Annabell Holland, Erik Salander, Lisa Kiratsous, Matt Martinez, John Simmons and Marissa Axell.

Stephen Doll

I served for my first year on the board of directors in 2022, and I’d like to continue again in 2023.

In 2022, I ran the Racing Committee, and as a new board member had a lot to learn about how everything works. I had the opportunity to become a beginner session supervisor and run some Monday/Wednesday night training sessions.

Based on my experiences, this next year I’d like to:

  1. Promote/assist with more regular weekend races
  2. Coordinate our advertising efforts to get the word out- most cyclists in the bay have no idea about track!
  3. Supervise/otherwise enable regular madison training sessions and races
  4. Continue to support Monday/Wednesday track training
  5. Pursue specific events/formats to appeal to beginners, women, juniors, etc. and generally try to grow the hellyer community.

Annabell Holland

After five years serving on the Board as Vice President, I would like to continue for 2023. I have been a volunteer Hellyer Supervisor since 2009 and am 6-years retired from 26 years of managing and developing Parks & Recreation programs and facilities for local government. Over the past five years I have brought this professional experience to the Hellyer Velodrome Board. My long-term focus for the track continues to be growing the capital reserve, planning for the future needs like resurfacing the track, and funding moderate facility upgrades throughout the year.

I fully understand the uniqueness of operating a County owned facility and the government red tape involved in making capital improvements and even minor improvements to our facility.

We are fortunate to have this velodrome. It has given so much to me, and returning that gratitude honors those who helped me get started.

Erik Salander

I’ve been on the Hellyer Board for a few years now and I’d like to continue in 2023.

I think the Hellyer Velodrome has great potential. I like working on many aspects of the velodrome – maintaining and enhancing the facility, gathering sponsors, publicizing our activities/racers/accomplishments, keeping the non-profit going, helping with overall coordination, working on our online processes and a few other things as well. I think we had a good year in 2022 in most regards, I’d like to continue and hopefully build on that in 2023.

I’m grateful for the contributions of past Hellyer Board members, contributors and volunteers. I’d like to do my part to carry on.

Lisa Kiratsous

I would like to continue my support of the Hellyer community in the role as the NCVA treasurer for 2023. I hope to work with the other board members to find ways to improve our yearly revenue in preparation for major repairs and maintenance projects in the future. I look forward to contributing my time towards another successful year at Hellyer.

Matt Martinez

My goal is to keep the momentum going for the 2023 racing season at the track. I hope to once again help with keeping the ridership growth a priority and focus. As well as making the track a positive experience for all participants. I plan on doing some outreach to the local bicycle coalitions and sharing info about the track. I will keep spreading the word about how great track racing is to the roadie world.

John Simmons

I would like again to help out with velodrome and run for the board. I have been around Hellyer since 1996. Have been on the board in the past and helped out with many projects on and off the board. I think we have a great facility and the current board has been doing some good things in progressing our sport. I hope to help in that direction by becoming a board member again. Hopefully I can count on your vote.

Marissa Axell

I hope to work with the other board members to find ways to continue to bring new racers to the track, and help build upon 2022 womens cycling momentum. I look forward to contributing my time towards a successful year at Hellyer.