2021 Election

Nominations for 2021 Contributor of the Year

Michael Dhuey – Michael photographed almost all of our races and posted the photos to his Hellyer Race Photos FB page. He also lent out video cameras to racers who captured in-race action. In recent years there’s been a shortage of in-race track racing action videos. Michael reversed that trend and many other racers started taking their own videos. Michael also set up the Hellyer Velodrome YouTube channel.

Erik Salander – Every week Erik spends time at the track conducting regular maintenance. This past year he did several major maintenance projects: refurbished all of the picnic tables, repaired the turns 1-2 exterior berm and managed the construction of an additional infield shade structure. Weekly maintenance has included, edging the lawn, maintaining the squirrel rail barrier, painting, emptying the trash, and so many other unsung tasks. Erik us an unsung hero and primarily responsible for how nice Hellyer looks.


Candidate Statements for the 2022 Board of Directors

Candidate statements (5) in order of submission: Erik Salander, Stephen Doll, Annabell Holland, Lisa Kiratsous and Matt Martinez.

Erik Salander

This was my third year on the Hellyer Board and I would like to continue on the Board in 2022. In 2021, over the course of the year we had a very good return to normal operations. The Board members we had in 2021 did a fantastic job. It was great working with all of them.

I hope our current trajectory of improvement continues for our sessions and races. For that to happen there are a number of areas to focus on, such as: online processes, marketing & communication, outreach to new riders/groups/volunteers and maintenance & improvement of the facility itself (and probably more).

I think we made improvement in all those areas in 2021. I would like to be on the Board in 2022 to continue work in those areas and improve the Hellyer Experience.

I’m grateful for the contributions of past Board members and volunteers. I’d like to do my part to carry on.

Stephen Doll

I’ve been a member of the Hellyer community since 2019. Prior to moving to California, I was president of my local cycling team and before that, president of my college team. I’ve gotten so much out of training and racing at Hellyer and would like to give back in whatever ways I can.

Primarily, I would like to focus on new rider recruitment and retention- bringing new riders into the Hellyer community is the best way to ensure the long term viability of the velodrome. I’d like to help support the current efforts with juniors, incorporate more women-centric events, and I’d like to help engage the larger Bay Area cycling community to draw more interest and spectators to Hellyer races/events.

Annabell Holland

After four years serving on the Board as Vice President, I would like to continue for 2022.

About me: I have been a volunteer Hellyer Supervisor since 2009 and am 5 years retired from 26 years of managing and developing Parks & Recreation programs for local government. Over the past four years I have brought this professional experience to the Hellyer Velodrome Board. If reelected for 2022, my focus will be on managing our COVID-19 response and increasing racing/training opportunities. My long-term focus for the track continues to be growing the Capital Reserve budget, planning for the future need to resurface the track, and moderate facility upgrades throughout the year.

I fully understand the uniqueness of operating a County owned facility and the government red tape involved in making capital improvements and even minor improvements to our facility.

Lisa Kiratsous

I would like to continue my support of the Hellyer community in the role as the NCVA treasurer for 2022.  I hope to work with the other board members to find ways to improve our yearly revenue in preparation for major repairs and maintenance projects in the future. I look forward to contributing my time towards another successful year at Hellyer.

Matt Martinez

My goal this year is to support the track by creating a weekend race series, as well as running the WNTL. As a board member I will help with keeping the ridership growth a priority and focus on making the track a positive experience for all participants. I will keep spreading the word around the roadie world.