2019 Board Candidate Statements

Candidate statements (11) below from: Annabell Holland, Sara Stearns, Matt Martinez, Erik Salander, Bill Nighan, Lisa Kiratsous, Barbara Gicquel, Mark Rodamaker, MaryAnn Levenson, Kira Maximovich and Sarah Trent.

Annabell Holland

After 1 year serving on the Board as Vice President, I would like to continue for 2019. You may or may not have seen it, but this Board has accomplished a lot (new lights, picnic benches, facility painting, website update, and recruitment of additional supervisors). 2019 is going to be an exciting year, with more structured sessions offered, Wednesday night track league, weekend Sprint and Time Trial series, a major event for Women, and it is looking like a Jr. Racing series as well as some weekend Jr structured training.

About me: I’m 2 years retired from 26 years of managing and developing Parks & Recreation programs for local government, and now bring this professional experience to the Hellyer Velodrome Board. My background includes managing a annual $30M operating budget (park & median maintenance, recreation & environmental services), over 100 full time & 200 part-time employees, and contracts. In addition, I managed $30M-$60M capital budgets that including the design & development of a water park, skate park, new parks, international level cricket field, and playgrounds. As a Department Head in local government, I also work directly with politicians, including mayors, council members, state senators & assembly members, as well as more lawyers than I can count.

I fully understand the uniqueness of operating a County owned facility and the government red tape involved in making capital improvements and even minor improvements to our facility. We are fortunate to have this velodrome. It has given so much to me and returning the gratitude honors those who helped me get started.

Sara Stearns

I’m interested in running for a position on the NCVA Board for 2019.  I served on the Board for 2018, acting in the capacity of Secretary, as well as being a part of the Infrastructure Committee.  I’d like to continue that for 2019.  The 2018 Board was a dedicated group of folks who oversaw some major infrastructure improvements to the track (lighting, and upcoming painting), and there is more improvement to do in 2019.  For racing at Hellyer, I would like to be part of a movement to get more masters, men and women, out to the track, either new riders, or folks making a return.  I’ve not only grown as a racer in 2018, but I’ve learned much about the community who make Hellyer what it is.  I’d love to continue in service to that community as a Member of the Board for another year.

Matt Martinez

Hello Hellyer Members,

My name is Matt Martinez and I am interested in running for the 2019 NCVA Board. I have over two decades of experience working on multiple velodrome boards, promoting all levels of track races, running beginner sessions, supervising workout sessions, repairing velodromes, officiating bike races and competing at the elite level of track racing.

I feel I have a well rounded perspective that can contribute to making Hellyer Velodrome one of the better bike race tracks in the country. I work well with most anyone.

I have made it my goal this year to promote high level competitive racing at Hellyer.  I will do all I can to encourage road racers to give the track a try. I will also host a competitive Women’s Race in mid July. I will provide weekend events for sprinting and Time Trials. I will work with other promoters to increase rider attendance.

I will work to find more Rail Board Sponsors to support the current promoters.

There has been quite a bit of good discussion recently to make Hellyer better and I want to work to make it happen and not just talk about making it happen.

Thank you for your time,


Erik Salander

I would very much like to serve on the NCVA Board of Directors.  I’ve been attending Board meetings since July to learn how the organization operates. I’m a good communicator, team player and organizer.  I was president of Peninsula Velo (250+ members) for three years.  I’ve been on the NCNCA Board, was their Vol of the Year in 2015 and for the last five years I’ve been their results coordinator.  Professionally I’m retired from 31 years in the tech industry.

I’ve been helping on the Hellyer website this year, now I’d like to get involved in other projects as well.  I think I can help best in trying to attract more racers to our events and more sponsors to the fold.  Operationally, I also understand what needs to be done for a non-profit to sustain itself from year to year. In the end, I’m willing to pitch-in wherever needed.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the years I’ve been racing at the track and would like to give back to the Hellyer community.

Bill Nighan

I’d like to be considered for a seat on the 2019 NCVA Board of Directors.  I have been on the Board as President for the past 3 years, and am committed to advancing the Hellyer track cycling experience.

This means, doing what we must to insure that great track riding and racing programs are offered, and doing what is necessary to insure our facility is maintained and improved, all with high integrity and with logical finances.  The last point is important; our lease with the County Parks Department requires us to maintain everything within our fences (except the landscaping), in exchange for free use of the track for cycling purposes.  That’s not easy for a volunteer-run non-profit.  We have therefore created a transparent financial model that relies not only on volunteers but semi-professionals and professionals as well (race organizers and coaches) to contribute to Hellyer offerings.

We’ve been able to improve our facility with new LED lights for night racing with 5x the light output of our antiquated lights.  There is much more to be done in facilities improvement as well as in program development.  The Marymoor/Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome remains a role model that I admire.

My background: I raced at Hellyer in the 1990s and have returned for the past several seasons, training with Coach Lee Povey and Team PCC.  I am a big believer in the positive attributes of sport and have been a competitive athlete for over 40 years.  I have been a Director or advisor for approximately 8 to 10 start-up technology company Boards, where I always worked to accomplish great results while considering the best interests of all shareholders.

Lisa Kiratsous

I would like the opportunity to serve the Hellyer community as a board member for the NCVA. This past year I have taken over the administrative part of scheduling and would like to have a more involved role in the programming and daily operations of our velodrome.

I have been a part of the Hellyer community since 2015. I first came here as a spectator, looking for my next adventure. I brought my family to watch Wednesday Night Races and fell in love with what I saw. I particularly loved the sense of community and how ‘bad ass’ these women were. I knew I wanted to become one of them. Trying new things can be intimidating, but the beginner sessions and the women’s clinics that Annabell and Bess held made it an easier transition for me. I believe these programs are crucial to the health and sustainability of our velodrome.

As a board member, I will do my part to ensure these programs continue. I would also like to be a part of developing more racing opportunities for Masters and Sprinters. Another population that needs more training opportunities is the intermediate level track racer. Until I reached a CAT 3, I felt my choices were pretty limited. This year I plan to become a supervisor and I would like to help develop and run more training sessions that are open to intermediate level and above.

Thank you for your consideration!

Lisa  Kiratsous

Barbara Gicquel

I would like to apply to be on the Board of Directors this year at Hellyer.  I am inspired by your request that you “need all the help you can get”.   I want to help in any way I feel fit to do so.  Hellyer has become very important to me in the past three years, and I want to find ways I can give back.  I’ve participated on a couple of Boards, SAVE (for abused women) and CA Senior Games.  I’ve enjoyed those times except for the job of Secretary.  But sharing ideas for growth, along with pulling weeds and filling squirrel holes all sound like fun.



Mark Rodamaker

I would like to run for the NCVA Board of Directors for 2019. I have been on the Board many times and was the President for a few years. After being President, I took a few years off, came back for a few years, took another few years off and have been on the Board the last two years.

I am a realist. Everyone running will be elected. We are currently in an era where track racing, and bike racing in general, are losing popularity. I am one of the few who remembers when it was for more popular. I don’t have a magic potion to restore the sport but I do remember what used to work.

MaryAnn Levenson

Dear Hellyer Community,

My name is MaryAnn Levenson, aka; “MA” and I would like to be considered for the opportunity to serve as a 2019 NCVA Board Member.

Over the last 8 years I have been lucky to be part of an amazing community of hard working members who have made it easy for me to just “Show Up,” train and race on our velodrome.

I feel it is time for me to give back to the community who has given so much to me over the years.

How do I see myself as an active contributing member of the board?

My passion is bicycle safety and education.  I have been an active board member for the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition as well as serve as a Menlo Park Bicycle Commissioner for over 5 years.  In addition I am a League Cycling Instructor through the League of American Bicyclists and a Level 2 Cycling Coach.   Throughout the years I have developed bicycle safety education programs that I have taught in both schools and businesses.  My goal was to get more butts on a saddle. I found through education and practice I could empower individuals to feel safe and confident while riding a bike.  More time in the saddle, less time in the car!

I would like to bring my bicycle safety and education passion to our velodrome.  I can support Bess and others with the Saturday Beginner Structured Training Sessions.  People who participate in these sessions generally continue to ride the track.  Some stay for years and others move on. I believe our goal is to foster an environment so individuals who start on our track continue on our track for years!

 I would like to encourage a mentoring program, (similar to the road early bird program), allowing track riders more time on the track with constructive feedback.  I know our Wednesday night races had Cat 5 racers race separately in order to feel more comfortable on the track.  We could add mentors to these races and provide immediate feedback in order to build confidence in riders and perhaps longevity to our program.   (Forgive me if this program is already in place)

I would also like to learn how to be a track supervisor.  On a scheduled training day in September a supervisor did not show so we were not able to train.  Through that experience I learned that there are only a few supervisors who generously give their time so we can train.  Like I said earlier, I just had to show up and ride!

I am ready and willing to work hard to support our track so we can continue to have regular access.

Thanks for your consideration,


Kira Maximovich

Hello Hellyer community. I currently sit on the Board of Directors and would love the opportunity to continue doing so for the 2019 year. My work this year has focused on infrastructure improvements and I hope to continue working in this capacity next year. So far this year we have upgraded the lighting, started beautification of the velodrome entrance and obtained more picnic bench seating area on the infield. To round out the year, we are currently in the process of having the rail boards and containers prepped and repainted. Projects slated for next year include rehabilitating the judge’s stand (Dec ’18 and Jan ’19), continuing the work of landscaping and beautifying the track entrance, and humanely reducing the squirrel population on the infield (Yes, I too rode over one this year during warm up). I do love this track and community and want to do all I can to help sustain and grow it. Please consider providing me with the opportunity to continue working on the Board next year.

Sarah Trent

Hellyer community, thank you for the opportunity to serve on this board. If elected, this will be my fifth year representing you. I hope to continue in my work representing Hellyer women, growing opportunities for all to ride and enjoy our track! Thanks for your vote.