Third Expansion of Operations – April 21, 2021

We are continuing to work with the County to balance any expansion of our operations with the fluctuations of the epidemic. Check the calendar for session availability and detailed session descriptions.

Important Information for All Hellyer Velodrome Users
  1. Maximum attendance.
    • On the infield there can be no more than 16 (up from 12), including riders and supervisors, through the remainder of March. If all goes well, the plan is to increase the maximum attendance to 20 beginning April 1.
    • There are no limits on spectators around the track.
  2. Maximum number of riders on the track – can be no more than 10 during unstructured sessions, and 16 during coached sessions, through the remainder of March. If all goes well, the plan is to increase to 12 riders during unstructured sessions, and 20 riders during coached sessions, beginning April 1.
  3. Variances – If a promoter or a supervisor would like to apply for a variance to any of these rules, please send an email to

Mask wearing and separation – masks are required to be worn upon entering the facility through the chain link fence gates.

  1. Off the track – masks must be worn all the time and 6 feet of separation maintained between velodrome users
    • Entering the track: when leaving the picnic table area and getting on the apron in turn 1, you can remove your mask
    • Exiting the track: when finishing your effort and catching your breath, please put your mask back on before riding around others on the warmup circle or returning to the picnic table area.
  2. On the track – masks can be removed in most instances
    • Warm up laps and solo efforts: masks can be removed, please leave 6 feet between yourself and other riders.
    • Held starts: the holder must be wearing a mask, the rider can be unmasked.
    • Match sprints: masks can be removed. For now, please minimize your time within 6 feet of the other competitor.
    • Team events: masks can be removed, teammates can be within 6 feet of each other. Upon completion please promptly return to 6 feet of separation.
    • Mass start races: not allowed at this time.

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