This is an internal-use-only webpage, it isn’t surfable/navigable from the menus. It’s primarily intended to keep track of what needs to be done (and how) on a regular basis, annually or at different intervals.  It also servers the purpose of archiving information necessary to pass on to new board members. For updates, contact

LAST UPDATED – 4/20/2024

Annual Administration Tasks

These tasks are year-end tasks unless indicated otherwise. Look for emails in the Board email archive to see what has been done year’s past.

  • Election process – President and Election monitor. Start the process in late November. The new Board takes over at the end of the December Board meeting.
  • Web site updates – Web Admin
    • Update Board web page with new Board members and new Committee assignments
    • Change the year of copyright in the web site footer.
    • PayPal buttons on Lockers page and Annual Training Pass page have a year-specific code
  • Online communications – Web Admin
    • Update officer and committee email lists, eg.
    • Update Board email list with new Board members, BoardOnlyNCVA (Google group)
  • Parking passes – NCVA needs to provide a list of 15 names & vehicle info to the County, see Lease Agreement
  • Locker rental renewal – Treasurer
  • Annual Training Pass renewal – Treasurer
  • See Treasurer Duties for list of treasurer’s tasks – Treasurer
  • Insurance
    • ATRA provides an annual general liability insurance to a group of small velodromes – President and Treasurer
    • We have a Directors and Officers (D&O) policy to provide extra liability coverage – President and Treasurer. This is on a mid-year cycle.
  • Review Lease Agreement and search for “annual”
    • Send these items to our County Lease coordinator annually on March 30th
      • Previous year’s Profit and Loss statment
      • Previous year’s CA and Fed tax statements
      • Verification of ongoing non-profit status
      • 3/23/2020 – Sent P&L statement, screenshot of 990-N e-postcard (IRS) and screenshot of 199N filing (CA). Since our FTB 3500 is still in process, no clear non-profit verification available.

Infrastructure Information

Hellyer Facility Manual

Banners and Signage

Banners  – We work with Eugene Bernosky at Zaavy to produce our rail board banners,

COVID19 Signage – Our 2020 COVID-19 signage (vinyl stickers and vinyl stickers on posterboard) was done by Bay Area Custom Shirts in Redwood City,

Maintenance History

April 2024 – Security features added, phase 1
Oct 2023 – Container break-ins
July 2023 – Paint the lines
March 2023 – Hydration station donated by County Parks
Nov 2022 – seal concrete cracks on track
Aug 2022 – fill cracks and reseal asphalt apron and warm up circle
June 2022 – four picnic tables donated by County Parks for second shelter
Winter 2021/22 – berm landscaping from office to lockers, chicken wire donated by County Parks
Dec 2021 – second infield shelter (redwood)
June 2021 – flagpole repainted
Early 2021 – power wash most of the track
Winter 2019/20 – squirrel barrier around the track
Aug 2020 – LED lights added to office and rental containers
May 2020 – blue band sealing and painting
June 2018 – major painting – rail boards, judges stand, shelter
June 2018 – track lighting replaced with LED lights
Nov 2013 – Paint the lines
Winter 2011/12 – first infield shelter (steel)
Sept 2008 – USAC Masters Track Nationals at Hellyer Velodrome
2007 – new apron, warmup circle and concrete slab
1979 – asphalt to concrete

Treasurer Information

Our bank account is with First Republic Bank
Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN) – 770287540
CA Entity Number – C1846838
State Charity Registration Number – 088067

PayPal account:
Owner: Lisa Kiratsous.

Treasurer documents:
Treasurer Duties
2020 NCVA Fees document
2021 NCVA Fees document

Online Registration Archives:
Google spreadsheet,
ALL Square orders (more than event registrations) are available on Square.

Marketing Information


Our rail board sponsors,


Hellyer logo files, including vector image files:

Branded Merchandise

Water bottles – Erik Salander has an account for Hellyer use at

Clothing – The 2020, 2021 and 2023 clothing vendor was Bay Area Custom Shirts in Redwood City,

Stickers – Erik Salander has an account with Many sticker suppliers out there.


GoDaddy account:
Annabell Holland, Aldene Gordon, Florian Schneider and Erik Salander have login credentials.

Our emails:
Managed in the Exchange Admin Center,
email archives available on Outlook,
Advanced email Security (was ProofPoint),
user =, Annabell, Florian and Erik have password

  • – Annabell, Fergus, Erik
  • president@ – Florian
  • vicepresident@ – Stephen
  • treasurer@ – Lisa, Carla, Erik
  • scheduling@ – Stephen, Marissa, Annabell, Lisa, Erik
  • supervisor@ – Annabell, Mark Koenig, Fergus
  • upgrades@ – Matt, John Simmons, Alex
  • vote@ – James
  • waivers@ – Bess, Erik
  • web@ – Erik is on ALL the distribution lists so all the emails can be archived in the admin@ account.

The process for adding an email is:

  1. Create a Distribution List in MS Exchange Admin Center. Include so the emails can be archived.
  2. Create an End User in MS Advanced email Security
  3. In MS Outlook, make an Archive folder and add a rule to automatically move emails from the Inbox to Archive folder

Website access (aka WordPress logins):
Owner/Admins: Aldene Gordon, Annabell Holland, Bess Hernadez-Jones and Erik Salander.
Subscribers: Jonathan Racine.

Elementor Pro – Essential:
Erik has the Elementor Pro license associated with Elementor is a web-page builder.

FTP access (put files on server, outside of WP, eg results and flyers):
Aldene Gordon, Annabell Holland and Erik Salander.

Google Calendar:
There are four calendars: NCVA New – Other Events, NCVA NEW – Race Events, NCVA NEW – Special Events and NCVA NEW –  Training Sessions.
Owners: Lisa Kiratsous and Annabell Holland
Other logins: Erik Salander

signNow account:
This is for all our waivers and other documents that require electronic signatures.
Owner: Lisa Kiratsous (

Square account:
Owner: Lisa Kiratsous.
Other logins: Annabell Holland and Erik Salander.

Social Media

Our social media should be available out here,


  • Page – Hellyer Velodrome:
    • Owner – Bess Hernandez-Jones
    • Other logins – Chris Bonilla
  • Page – Hellyer Velodrome Junior’s Program
    • Owner – Andrew Lanier, Bess Hernandez-Jones, John Cheetham
  • Page – Hellyer Race Photos
    • Owner – Erik is asking, maybe Larry??
  • Group – Hellyer Velodrome Group
    • Owner – Bess Hernandez-Jones, Lisa Kiratsous, Fergus Liam
    • Other logins – Chris Bonilla, Fergus Liam, Lisa Kiratsous (via Hellyer Velodrome user??)
  • Group – Hellyer Women
    • Owners – Korina Huizar, Annabell Holland, Mary Enrique, Bess Hernandez-Jones, Amanda Seigle
  • Group – Hellyer Carpool
    • Owners – Sean Martin, James Grady and Haley Nielsen


  • thehellyervelodrome (was hellyervelodrome_official):
    • Owner – Fergus Liam (was Chris Bonilla since inception)
    • Other logins – Chris Bonilla
  • hellyervelodrome (Problematic):
    • Owner – Steve Jones
  • hellyerwomensbikeproject (NOT NCVA sponsored):
    • Owner – Bess Hernandez-Jones

This is new as of August of 2021. Michael Dhuey created our YouTube channel. Here’s the info:


  • Hellyer Velodrome (@Hellyer)
    • Owner – Bess Hernandez-Jones
  • Hellyer Juniors (@HellyerJuniors):
    • Owner – Bess Hernandez-Jones
  • Hellyer Velodrome (@HellyerTrack)
    • Owner – not known, maybe Steve Jones again
email Groups

NCVA Google Group:
Owner: Bess Hernandez-Jones
Other logins: Bill Nighan

BoardOnlyNCVA Google Group:
Owners: Bill Nighan
Other logins: Annabell Holland

ncvasups Google Group:
Owner: Annabell Holland
Other logins: Mark Koenig


We have a Dropbox account to save our signed online waivers and accident reports.
Owner: Bess Hernandez-Jones.

Supervisor and Board Member Information

Supervisor and Board Member Spreadsheet

Our Chief Supervisor maintains a spreadsheet of Supervisor and Board Member information (contact info, keys, first aid certification expiration, CBC, SafeSport certification, etc…).

Supervisor Manual

There is a Supervisor Manual and a list of Supervisor names on the Supervisor web page.

Supervisor Calendar

The Supervisor coordinator and Calendar coordinator share a google calendar for assignment of supervisors to beginner sessions.

CBC and SafeSport

All Supervisors and Board Members are required to be SafeSport certified and have a CBC performed every two years. Our Chief Supervisor has an account with NCSI/sportsengine, where we have a background screening (CBC) and abuse prevention (SafeSport) portal. (both) (just CBC)


Alternate Entrance via Sylvandale Avenue

When the main entrance is flooded we need to use the alternate entrance, through the gate at the east end of Sylvandale Ave.
The combination for our lock at the Sylvandale gate is 1641.
Here is an email with instructions to enter through the Sylvandale gate.

First Aid Kit Inventory

Hellyer First Aid Kit inventory, 2/1/2020 document.  THANKS!

Wheel Kids Session

Wheel Kids – Reservation and Session Information document.  THANKS!

Miscellaneous Session Notes

The NCVA covers Ranger OT fees starting the third week of February.  Prior to that Ranger OT fees are the responsibility of the promoter.

The Track can NOT be open past 10:00pm due to a Santa Clara County ordinance.  Note, the gates to the park are also closed.